van Laack™ is associated with traditions of the highest quality. The basis of van Laack™ products production hasn't changed much since establishment of the firm long-ago in 1881. van Laack™ still mainly uses noble natural fabrics and hand work. This is a special approach to each collection and model design. 

The main goal of van Laack designers - to provide maximum satisfaction for you while wearing the clothes and this result can be achieved only by means of painstaking work and a lot of time spending producing each item. Moreover, before entering the market each product goes through ten stages of quality control.

Special chick of van Laack clothing is emphasized by details forming an impeccable company's style. The sheer fact that only one layer tailoring is used for shirts materials (!) deserves admiration. A hand work is used while making collars and cuffs - the most complicated parts of shirts. All the details of the shirt are stitched by beautiful beaded stitches that have 8 stitches per centimeter. Each detail of van Laack clothing is thoughtfully designed. Even such simple detail as a button is a true work of art. van Laack branded buttons are manufactured from rare sort of Marcassar nacre, they have three holes and are sewed to the fabric for neck of thread. 

van Laack style – is not only men's shirts and women's blouses but also the most delicate knitted garments, pullovers and sweaters of merino and cotton. van Laack stylish accessories range from belts up to ties. 

van Laack brand products are exported into more than 50 countries and 5 continents all over the world nowadays. Dnepropetrovsk van Laack Mono-Brand Boutique enters into the world network of more than 150 stores. 

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If you particular about quality and appreciate a variety - visit van Laack Boutiqueand make a choice of your taste!

van Laack boutique in Dnipropetrovsk:

  • Legendary German brand history and traditions begin since 1881
  • Exceptional standard of masterpiece, detailed processing and perfect look
  • 60% of the time spent on suit or shirt making from van Laack – hand work
  • noble fabrics from the best textile factories of Italy and Switzerland
  • creativity and perfection of details introduce elements of chic and delicacy even into casual clothing
  • fair price, which corresponds to the Europe boutiques prices
  • individual tailoring and fitting

Noble fabrics from the best textile manufactures
Individual tailoring and fitting


Partners Henry van Laak, William Schmidt and Gustav Eltshig established a factory in Berlin that had become the first men's shirts serial sewing enterprise of premium class. It was decided to sell the products under van Laack trade name. A pearl button with three holes, being a symbol of three business partners, had become a key significant feature of the brand. 
A tailor's shop for VIP customers shirts making was established within van Laack factory. 
Henrich van Laack opened the first design-studio in Germany that specialized in men's shirts models designing.
van Laack shirts exporting to England, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland begins. 
van Laack Company buys up the most expensive textiles of limited issuance, creating the biggest European "bank" of rare textiles for tailoring.
World War II influenced van Laack brand a lot. Company's incomes reduced a lot. The Partners decided to sell their business to Heinrich Hoffmann, who was well known crisis manager.
van Laack Company presented the first van Laack collection for ladies. 
Ties, home clothing and pajamas appeared in van Laack products portfolio. In the same year van Laack opened 20 foreign representative offices. High level hand work and a big attention to details are still the same as 100 years ago.
A textile manufacturer named Christian von Daniels acquires the van Laack brand.
Rapid growth of Van Laack export sales beginning. This brand has become world famous. It was a great opening ceremony of Van Laack Company Head Office in Monchengladbach. Van Laack Company glass-facade building symbolizes modernity, transparence and team spirit. 
van Laack Mono- Brand Boutique was opened in Dnepropetrovsk and therefore Christian von Daniels, who is the brand owner, is going to visit our city located on the Dnieper River. 
In April a renewed van Laack Mono- Brand Boutique opens its doors in Library Shopping Mall, which is one of the most fashionable shopping malls in Dnepropetrovsk. 

Exceptional standard of masterpiece
Store interior
The best quality 

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