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Footwear transforms your body language and attitude. Footwear uplift you physically and spiritualize emotionally.  
Christian Louboutin
Shabelski Footwear and Accessories Multi-Brand Boutique can be proud of its own history as well as the history of the brands, representing them in Dnepropetrovsk for over 10 years.   

Each new season Shabelski represents carefully thought-out combination of models of more than twenty brands, allowing to create a variety of images - from classical up to high-fashion.    

 All distinctive season trends are represented by Shabelski in brands collections.

Shabelski – only the best brands, 
 only excellent quality,  
 only exceptional service. 


  • A variety of styles and models, represented by Shabelski, ranges from classic and casual clothing up to party and extravagant styles.
  • Only the most modern collections from the world's top manufacturers and brands
  • Consistently high service and loyal customer’s trust 
Store interior 

Project chronology:

In November 2000 Shabelski Luxury Footwear Boutique in the scope of Gianni Group was opened in Dnepropetrovsk. A strong desire to provide Dnepropetrovsk residents with really stylish and fashion footwear of premium quality was a reason for this store opening. 
Shabelski becomes a footwear market leader in the premium-segment of Dnepropetrovsk. A brands portfolio, represented in the boutique, includes such masters of footwear fashion as PRADA, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, a.testoni, etc. 
A new stage in the history of the project begins in November 2011. In 2011 Shabelski celebrates the 10th anniversary and becomes a part of CHARISMA Fashion Group - a successful player of premium fashion retail market in Ukraine, whose philosophy is based on the original and respected European brands, modern collections, high quality and impeccable reputation. 
It is a significant year in the history of the brand. It was in this year that redesign of the store had been made reflecting the exceptional nature of Shabelski. Not only has Shabelski boutique enhanced its positions on the market but continues to surprise customers with European design, new big-name brands, distinctive collections and its special approach to clients.

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