«We work to make the world better for growing children» - that is the mission and philosophy of Jacadi children's clothing brand. 

Since 1976 Jacadi Company managed to create not only well-known all over the world trade mark in-demand, but also the entire world for kids and their parents.

Jacadi clothing, footwear, accessories and furniture for children aged 0 -16 years combine the true French elegance and excellent quality.

An official website: http://www.jacadi.com

You can tell for sure that Jacadi is a guide of French traditions and kids high fashion. 
Sophisticated taste and sense of style cultivation from the earliest infancy.


Кids high fashion true legacy in the best French traditions. Harmony of functionality and a unique style.  

The Best Quality

Dedication to quality and the best natural fabrics using - one of the brand key principles.

Fair price

Price/performance ratio

Wide Variety

A variety of clothing as well as footwear, perfumes, interior design items can satisfy the most demanding parents having discerning taste. 

Clothes Matching

All the collections are divided into lines, comprising all the necessary elements of children's clothing. It allows to match the clothes easily creating individual and well-thought-out images. 


  • Gifts and goods for newborns
  • Clothing line for special events and Christenings
  • Footwear clothing line and accessories for boys and girls under 12
  • Mademoiselle Jacadi clothing line, footwear and accessories for girls under 16 
  • Furniture collection for children's bedrooms 
  • Gifts thematic collections
Outlet interior 
Wide choice of clothing and footwear
Comfort purchase

History of brand:

Jacadi brand establishment
Jacadi brand entered the international market and opened the first store in Lausanne (Switzerland)
Jacadi came out with a collection of children's footwear
Ongoing international expansion of the brand. The first store in the United States (Los Angeles) was opened. 
The first collection for newborns
Jacadi launched the first line of childcare cosmetics and babycare products
The first Jacadi Mono-Brand in Asia (Taiwan) was launched
Jacadi joins ID Group for further cooperation. The mission of this cooperation is to make the world better for growing children. 
Jacadi launched a line of kid's perfumes in cooperation with Berdoues Perfume Company.
Jacadi launched its first e-commerce site www.jacadi.fr
Jacadi launched the similar site in the United States www.jacadi.us
Mademoiselle Jacadi line of clothing, footwear and accessories for girls aged 0 -16 years was launched
The first Jacadi French fashion boutique for children was opened in Ukraine in the scope of Charisma Fashion Group, Dnepropetrovsk.

Wide Variety of Presents 
The Best Quality
Wide Variety

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